Football 2022-23
Event Time Location Result
away-team-logo Des Moines Roosevelt vs. away-team-logo Ankeny 7:00 AM CT Drake Stadium
away-team-logo Collins-Maxwell vs. away-team-logo Colo-Nesco 7:00 PM
away-team-logo Ankeny Centennial vs. away-team-logo Sioux City East 7:00 PM
away-team-logo Nodaway Valley vs. away-team-logo ACGC 7:00 PM CT AC/GC High School
away-team-logo Alta-Aurelia vs. away-team-logo Hartley-Melvin-Sanborn 7:00 PM CT Alta-Aurelia High School
away-team-logo Atlantic vs. away-team-logo ADM 7:00 PM CT Atlantic Middle School Trojan Bowl Homecoming
away-team-logo Ballard vs. away-team-logo Humboldt 7:00 PM CT Ballard High School Game
away-team-logo BCLUW vs. away-team-logo Nashua-Plainfield 7:00 PM CT BCLUW High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Beckman Catholic vs. away-team-logo Postville 7:00 PM CT Beckman Catholic High School
away-team-logo Bettendorf vs. away-team-logo Davenport Central 7:00 PM CT Bettendorf High School
away-team-logo BGM vs. away-team-logo Baxter 7:00 PM CT BGM High School
away-team-logo Bishop Garrigan vs. away-team-logo Harris-Lake Park 7:00 PM CT Bishop Garrigan High School Conway Field
away-team-logo Woodbine vs. away-team-logo Boyer Valley 7:00 PM CT Boyer Valley Middle/High School Sports Complex Homecoming
away-team-logo CAM vs. away-team-logo Audubon 7:00 PM CT CAM High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Camanche vs. away-team-logo Anamosa 7:00 PM CT Camanche High School
away-team-logo Carroll vs. away-team-logo Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley 7:00 PM CT Carroll Athletic Stadium
away-team-logo Council Bluffs Lincoln vs. away-team-logo Dowling Catholic 7:00 PM CT CB Wickersham Athletic Complex Youth "Pack the Wick" Night
away-team-logo Central City vs. away-team-logo Easton Valley 7:00 PM CT Central City High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Cherokee Washington vs. away-team-logo Central Lyon 7:00 PM CT Cherokee Washington High School
away-team-logo Clarion-Goldfield-Dows vs. away-team-logo Pocahontas Area 7:00 PM CT Clarion-Goldfield-Dows Middle School Homecoming
away-team-logo Colfax-Mingo vs. away-team-logo Ogden 7:00 PM CT Colfax-Mingo High School
away-team-logo Coon Rapids-Bayard vs. away-team-logo West Harrison 7:00 PM CT Coon Rapids-Bayard High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Creston vs. away-team-logo Knoxville 7:00 PM CT Creston High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Denver vs. away-team-logo Central Springs 7:00 PM CT Denver High School Football Field/Track Homecoming
away-team-logo Des Moines Christian vs. away-team-logo Red Oak 7:00 PM CT Des Moines Christian School Homecoming
away-team-logo Central Elkader vs. away-team-logo Kee 7:00 PM CT Dittmer Sports Complex Homecoming
away-team-logo Fort Dodge vs. away-team-logo Webster City 7:00 PM CT Dodger Stadium
away-team-logo Des Moines East vs. away-team-logo Urbandale 7:00 PM CT Duke Williams Stadium
away-team-logo Durant vs. away-team-logo Louisa-Muscatine 7:00 PM CT Durant High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Eagle Grove vs. away-team-logo South Central Calhoun 7:00 PM CT Eagle Grove High School
away-team-logo East Buchanan vs. away-team-logo Maquoketa Valley 7:00 PM CT East Buchanan Community Schools Homecoming
away-team-logo Urbandale vs. away-team-logo Des Moines East 7:00 PM CT East High School East High School
away-team-logo East Marshall vs. away-team-logo Dike-New Hartford 7:00 PM CT East Marshall High School Athletic Complex
away-team-logo Sioux City North vs. away-team-logo Ames 7:00 PM CT Elwood Olsen Stadium
away-team-logo English Valleys vs. away-team-logo Iowa Valley 7:00 PM CT English Valleys High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Bedford vs. away-team-logo Exira-EHK 7:00 PM CT Football/Track Complex Homecoming
away-team-logo Fremont-Mills vs. away-team-logo East Mills 7:00 PM CT Fremont-Mills High School Carl Stadium Homecoming
away-team-logo Gilbert vs. away-team-logo Nevada 7:00 PM CT Gilbert High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Gladbrook-Reinbeck vs. away-team-logo GMG 7:00 PM CT Gladbrook-Reinbeck High School
away-team-logo Glenwood vs. away-team-logo Des Moines Hoover 7:00 PM CT Glenwood - 400 Sivers Rd
away-team-logo Lamoni vs. away-team-logo Mormon Trail 7:00 PM CT Graceland University Homecoming
away-team-logo Grand View Christian vs. away-team-logo Woodward Academy 7:00 PM CT Grand View Christian School
away-team-logo Greene County vs. away-team-logo Clarinda 7:00 PM CT Greene County Middle School Linduska Field
away-team-logo Griswold vs. away-team-logo East Union 7:00 PM CT Griswold High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Grundy Center vs. away-team-logo AGWSR 7:00 PM CT Grundy Center High School Spartan Stadium Homecoming
away-team-logo Western Christian vs. away-team-logo West Sioux 7:00 PM CT Hesla Field
away-team-logo Highland vs. away-team-logo Alburnett 7:00 PM CT Highland High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Hinton vs. away-team-logo Westwood 7:00 PM CT Hinton Hinton Homecoming
away-team-logo Regina Catholic vs. away-team-logo Wilton 7:00 PM CT Iowa City Regina High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Iowa City West vs. away-team-logo Iowa City High 7:00 PM CT Iowa City West High School Trojan Stadium Homecoming
away-team-logo Springville vs. away-team-logo Midland 7:00 PM CT J R Barnes Parkway Allison Field
away-team-logo Kingsley-Pierson vs. away-team-logo Newell-Fonda 7:00 PM CT Kingsley-Pierson High School
away-team-logo Lake Mills vs. away-team-logo West Fork 7:00 PM CT Lake Mills Sports Complex Football Field Homecoming
away-team-logo Lenox vs. away-team-logo Stanton 7:00 PM CT Lenox Jr/Sr High School
away-team-logo Lewis Central vs. away-team-logo Council Bluffs Jefferson 7:00 PM CT Lewis Central High School Football Field/Track Homecoming
away-team-logo Des Moines Lincoln vs. away-team-logo Des Moines North 7:00 PM CT Lincoln High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Lisbon vs. away-team-logo Wapello 7:00 PM CT Lisbon Community High School
away-team-logo Madrid vs. away-team-logo Lynnville-Sully 7:00 PM CT Madrid High School Madrid Homecoming
away-team-logo Manson-NW Webster vs. away-team-logo Belmond-Klemme 7:00 PM CT Manson Keith Hart Athletic Complex
away-team-logo Melcher-Dallas vs. away-team-logo Twin Cedars 7:00 PM CT Melcher-Dallas Sports Complex Homecoming
away-team-logo Missouri Valley vs. away-team-logo Logan-Magnolia 7:00 PM CT Missouri Valley High School Homecoming
away-team-logo MMCRU vs. away-team-logo South O'Brien 7:00 PM CT MMCRU High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Moravia vs. away-team-logo Seymour 7:00 PM CT Moravia High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Mount Ayr vs. away-team-logo Sidney 7:00 PM CT Mount Ayr High School Raider Stadium District Football/Homecoming
away-team-logo Murray vs. away-team-logo Martensdale-St Marys 7:00 PM CT Murray High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Shenandoah vs. away-team-logo Clarke 7:00 PM CT Mustang Field and Ray Graves Track
away-team-logo North Butler vs. away-team-logo Newman Catholic 7:00 PM CT North Butler High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Northeast vs. away-team-logo Tipton 7:00 PM CT Northeast Community School Homecoming
away-team-logo MOC-Floyd Valley vs. away-team-logo Bishop Heelan 7:00 PM CT Northwestern College Korver Field Homecoming & American State Bank Tailgate
away-team-logo Northwood-Kensett vs. away-team-logo North Iowa 7:00 PM CT Northwood-Kensett High School NK Homecoming
away-team-logo Panorama vs. away-team-logo Interstate 35 7:00 PM CT Panorama High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Pekin vs. away-team-logo Columbus 7:00 PM CT Pekin Community High School
away-team-logo Pleasantville vs. away-team-logo Central Decatur 7:00 PM CT Pleasantville High School Football Field
away-team-logo St. Edmond vs. away-team-logo Remsen St. Mary's 7:00 PM CT Remsen St. Mary's High School
away-team-logo River Valley vs. away-team-logo Glidden-Ralston 7:00 PM CT River Valley Community School
away-team-logo Riverside vs. away-team-logo AHSTW 7:00 PM CT Riverside High School
away-team-logo Rockford vs. away-team-logo Riceville 7:00 PM CT Rockford High School
away-team-logo Saydel vs. away-team-logo Harlan Community 7:00 PM CT Saydel High School
away-team-logo Sibley-Ocheyedan vs. away-team-logo Emmetsburg 7:00 PM CT Sibley-Ocheyedan High School FFA Pork Chop Supper
away-team-logo Sigourney Keota vs. away-team-logo Pella Christian 7:00 PM CT Sigourney High School
away-team-logo South Hamilton vs. away-team-logo Woodward-Granger 7:00 PM CT South Hamilton High School Taylor Field Homecoming
away-team-logo South Hardin vs. away-team-logo Aplington-Parkersburg 7:00 PM CT South Hardin High School
away-team-logo South Winneshiek vs. away-team-logo North Linn 7:00 PM CT South Winneshiek High School
away-team-logo Southeast Valley vs. away-team-logo Estherville Lincoln Central 7:00 PM CT Southeast Valley Football Field/Track Complex
away-team-logo Southeast Warren vs. away-team-logo Montezuma 7:00 PM CT Southeast Warren Intermediate School Homecoming
away-team-logo Southwest Valley vs. away-team-logo Wayne 7:00 PM CT Southwest Valley Football Field
away-team-logo Spencer vs. away-team-logo Denison-Schleswig 7:00 PM CT Spencer Senior High School
away-team-logo Spirit Lake vs. away-team-logo OABCIG 7:00 PM CT Spirit Lake High School
away-team-logo Clayton Ridge vs. away-team-logo Starmont 7:00 PM CT Stephen D. Shannon Athletic Complex
away-team-logo Storm Lake vs. away-team-logo LeMars 7:00 PM CT Storm Lake High School Homecoming
away-team-logo GTRA vs. away-team-logo West Bend-Mallard 7:00 PM CT Titan Athletic Complex Homecoming
away-team-logo Treynor vs. away-team-logo East Sac County 7:00 PM CT Treynor Community School
away-team-logo Tri-Center vs. away-team-logo IKM-Manning 7:00 PM CT Tri-Center High School
away-team-logo Tri-County vs. away-team-logo HLV 7:00 PM CT Tri-County Community School
away-team-logo Tripoli vs. away-team-logo Clarksville 7:00 PM CT Tripoli High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Turkey Valley vs. away-team-logo Janesville 7:00 PM CT Turkey Valley Community School
away-team-logo Valley vs. away-team-logo Marshalltown 7:00 PM CT Valley Stadium
away-team-logo Van Buren County vs. away-team-logo Cardinal 7:00 PM CT Van Buren County High School Van Buren County High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Van Meter vs. away-team-logo West Central Valley 7:00 PM CT Van Meter School Homecoming
away-team-logo WACO vs. away-team-logo New London 7:00 PM CT WACO High School
away-team-logo Wapsie Valley vs. away-team-logo Hudson 7:00 PM CT Wapsie Valley High School Jerry Southmayd Field WV Homecoming
away-team-logo West Hancock vs. away-team-logo North Union 7:00 PM CT West Hancock High School Homecoming
away-team-logo West Lyon vs. away-team-logo Sheldon 7:00 PM CT West Lyon Community School Homecoming - American State Bank Tailgate @ 5 PM
away-team-logo West Monona vs. away-team-logo Kuemper Catholic 7:00 PM CT West Monona High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Siouxland Christian vs. away-team-logo Ar-We-Va 7:00 PM CT Whiting Senior High School Whiting Senior High School
away-team-logo Winfield-Mt Union vs. away-team-logo Lone Tree 7:00 PM CT Winfield - Mt. Union Community School homecoming
away-team-logo Winterset vs. away-team-logo Dallas Center-Grimes 7:00 PM CT Winterset High School
away-team-logo Calamus-Wheatland vs. away-team-logo Edgewood-Colesburg 7:00 PM CT Wyoming Fairgrounds
away-team-logo Dubuque Senior vs. away-team-logo Cedar Rapids Kennedy 7:15 PM CT Dalzell Field
away-team-logo Linn-Mar vs. away-team-logo Cedar Rapids Jefferson 7:15 PM CT Linn-Mar Stadium
away-team-logo Prairie vs. away-team-logo Ottumwa 7:15 PM CT Prairie High School John Wall Field
away-team-logo Cedar Falls vs. away-team-logo Muscatine 7:15 PM CT UNI-Dome Cedar Falls Homecoming
away-team-logo PCM vs. away-team-logo Albia 7:30 PM CT Albia High School
away-team-logo Burlington vs. away-team-logo Clinton 7:30 PM CT Bracewell Stadium Homecoming
away-team-logo Keokuk vs. away-team-logo Fairfield 7:30 PM CT Calvert Stadium Homecoming
away-team-logo Washington vs. away-team-logo Grinnell 7:30 PM CT Case Field Homecoming
away-team-logo Central DeWitt vs. away-team-logo Assumption 7:30 PM CT Central DeWitt High School Teacher Appreciation & Youth Recognition Night
away-team-logo Chariton vs. away-team-logo Roland-Story 7:30 PM CT Chariton High School
away-team-logo Charles City vs. away-team-logo Hampton-Dumont-CAL 7:30 PM CT Charles City High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Crestwood vs. away-team-logo New Hampton 7:30 PM CT Crestwood High School Crestwood High School
away-team-logo Davenport North vs. away-team-logo Pleasant Valley 7:30 PM CT Davenport Brady St. Stadium Homecoming
away-team-logo Davis County vs. away-team-logo Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont 7:30 PM CT Davis County High School Mustang Stadium - Davis County High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Fort Madison vs. away-team-logo Mount Pleasant 7:30 PM CT Fort Madison High School
away-team-logo Garner Hayfield Ventura vs. away-team-logo Clear Lake 7:30 PM CT Garner-Hayfield-Ventura High School
away-team-logo Iowa Falls-Alden vs. away-team-logo West Marshall 7:30 PM CT Iowa Falls - Cadet Field Armed Forces Appreciation Night; Band-O-Rama
away-team-logo Jesup vs. away-team-logo Union Community 7:30 PM CT Jesup High School
away-team-logo Xavier vs. away-team-logo Cedar Rapids Washington 7:30 PM CT Kingston Stadium
away-team-logo Wahlert Catholic vs. away-team-logo North Fayette Valley 7:30 PM CT Loras College Homecoming
away-team-logo Independence vs. away-team-logo South Tama 7:30 PM CT Lyle Leinbaugh Field
away-team-logo Mason City vs. away-team-logo Decorah 7:30 PM CT Mason City High School
away-team-logo Waterloo West vs. away-team-logo Southeast Polk 7:30 PM CT Memorial Stadium
away-team-logo Mid-Prairie vs. away-team-logo Central Lee 7:30 PM CT Mid-Prairie High School
away-team-logo Mount Vernon vs. away-team-logo Benton 7:30 PM CT Mount Vernon 1st Street Field
away-team-logo Norwalk vs. away-team-logo Boone 7:30 PM CT Norwalk High School
away-team-logo Osage vs. away-team-logo Forest City 7:30 PM CT Osage High School
away-team-logo Oskaloosa vs. away-team-logo Clear Creek Amana 7:30 PM CT Oskaloosa - Lacey Sports Complex
away-team-logo Pella vs. away-team-logo Newton 7:30 PM CT Pella High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Sumner-Fredericksburg vs. away-team-logo MFL MarMac 7:30 PM CT Sumner-Fredericksburg HS
away-team-logo Vinton-Shellsburg vs. away-team-logo Maquoketa 7:30 PM CT Vinton-Shellsburg High School
away-team-logo Waukon vs. away-team-logo Oelwein 7:30 PM CT Waukon High School Homecoming
away-team-logo Waverly-Shell Rock vs. away-team-logo Waterloo East 7:30 PM CT Waverly-Shell Rock Senior High School Homecoming
away-team-logo West Delaware vs. away-team-logo Center Point-Urbana 7:30 PM CT West Delaware High School Brown Field Homecoming
away-team-logo Western Dubuque vs. away-team-logo Marion 7:30 PM CT Western Dubuque High School