Volleyball 2022-23
Event Time Location Result
away-team-logo Westside Middle School vs. away-team-logo Lewis Central 3:45 PM CT Westside Middle School LCMS Volleyball V/JV
away-team-logo Bedford vs. away-team-logo East Union 4:00 PM CT Bedford High School Small Gym
away-team-logo West Lyon vs. away-team-logo Canton 4:00 PM CT Canton High School away-team-logo 2-1 (25-18, 14-25, 16-14, 18-25, 25-22, 14-25, 23-25)
away-team-logo Creston vs. away-team-logo Lenox 4:00 PM CT Creston Middle School
away-team-logo East Sac County vs. away-team-logo Alta-Aurelia 4:00 PM CT East Sac County Elementary School
away-team-logo Fremont-Mills vs. away-team-logo Shenandoah 4:00 PM CT Fremont-Mills High School Lied Gym
away-team-logo Grand View Christian vs. away-team-logo Madrid 4:00 PM CT Grand View Christian School
away-team-logo Hamburg vs. away-team-logo Diagonal 4:00 PM CT Hamburg Community Schools away-team-logo 3-2 (21-9, 21-14, 21-13, 17-21, 9-15)
away-team-logo Martensdale-St Marys vs. away-team-logo Southeast Warren 4:00 PM CT Martensdale-St. Marys High School High School Gym 8A-2 games, 8B-2 games, 7A-2 games, 7B-2 games
away-team-logo Murray vs. away-team-logo Lamoni 4:00 PM CT Murray High School away-team-logo 3-0 (25-15, 25-22, 15-10)
away-team-logo Dallas Center-Grimes vs. away-team-logo Valley 4:00 PM CT Oak View away-team-logo 2-1 (21-6, 16-21, 15-2) Stilwell Junior High School
away-team-logo Ogden vs. away-team-logo Earlham 4:00 PM CT Ogden High School
away-team-logo Orient-Macksburg vs. away-team-logo Nodaway Valley 4:00 PM CT Orient-Macksburg Community School
away-team-logo Panorama vs. away-team-logo ACGC 4:00 PM CT Panorama High School
away-team-logo Cedar Falls vs. away-team-logo Cedar Falls 4:00 PM CT Peet Junior High School
away-team-logo Pleasantville vs. away-team-logo Melcher-Dallas 4:00 PM CT Pleasantville High School
away-team-logo Riverside vs. away-team-logo Griswold 4:00 PM CT Riverside High School
away-team-logo Van Meter vs. away-team-logo Des Moines Christian 4:00 PM CT Van Meter School
away-team-logo AGWSR vs. away-team-logo North Tama 4:15 PM CT AGWSR High School 8th followed by 7th @ Middle School
away-team-logo Centerville vs. away-team-logo Davis County 4:15 PM CT Centerville Howar Middle School 7th & 8th to play at the same time
away-team-logo MOC-Floyd Valley vs. away-team-logo Sioux Center 4:15 PM CT MOC-Floyd Valley Middle School Big Gym
away-team-logo Mount Vernon vs. away-team-logo Center Point-Urbana 4:15 PM CT Mount Vernon Middle School Mount Vernon Middle School
away-team-logo Riceville vs. away-team-logo Nashua-Plainfield 4:15 PM CT Nashua Plainfield High School
away-team-logo Red Oak vs. away-team-logo Glenwood 4:15 PM CT Red Oak Jr.-Sr. High School Red Oak Jr.-Sr. High School away-team-logo 3-0 (25-17, 25-22, 15-11)
away-team-logo Rock Valley vs. away-team-logo Sheldon 4:15 PM CT Rock Valley High School away-team-logo 3-1 (21-17, 16-21, 21-7, 21-12)
away-team-logo Southwest Valley vs. away-team-logo CAM 4:15 PM CT Southwest Valley Middle School away-team-logo 4-0 (21-11, 21-16, 21-17, 21-13)
away-team-logo Spencer vs. away-team-logo Estherville Lincoln Central 4:15 PM CT Spencer Middle School MS Gym
away-team-logo St. Edmond vs. away-team-logo Iowa Falls-Alden 4:15 PM CT St. Edmond Catholic K-12 School Elementary Gym
away-team-logo Ames vs. away-team-logo Urbandale 4:30 PM CT Ames Middle School Main Gym
away-team-logo Ankeny Christian vs. away-team-logo Colo-Nesco 4:30 PM CT Ankeny Christian Academy
away-team-logo Baxter vs. away-team-logo Meskwaki Settlement 4:30 PM CT Baxter High School
away-team-logo Fairfield vs. away-team-logo Burlington 4:30 PM CT Fairfield Middle School
away-team-logo Fort Madison vs. away-team-logo Keokuk 4:30 PM CT Fort Madison Middle School Fort Madison Middle School Main Gym
away-team-logo Greene County vs. away-team-logo Saydel 4:30 PM CT Greene County Middle School Middle School Gym
away-team-logo Mason City vs. away-team-logo Clear Lake 4:30 PM CT Mason City High School
away-team-logo Nevada vs. away-team-logo West Marshall 4:30 PM CT Nevada Middle School FieldHouse
away-team-logo Ottumwa vs. away-team-logo Mount Pleasant 4:30 PM CT Ottumwa Evans Middle School
away-team-logo Perry vs. away-team-logo Roland-Story 4:30 PM CT Perry High School
away-team-logo Essex vs. away-team-logo Heartland Christian 5:00 PM CT Essex Junior-Senior High School
away-team-logo West Lyon vs. TBD 5:15 PM CT West Lyon Community School Elementary Gym
away-team-logo Southeast Valley vs. away-team-logo Kuemper Catholic 5:30 PM CT Southeast Valley High School away-team-logo 6-0 (21-12, 21-10, 21-2, 21-9, 21-7, 21-2)
away-team-logo Dubuque Hempstead vs. away-team-logo Wahlert Catholic 5:30 PM CT Stephen Hempstead High School
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