8U Girls (4v4)

8U Boys (4v4)

10U Boys (7v7)

9U Girls Academy (7v7)

10U Girls Academy (7v7)

9U Boys Academy (7v7) - Blue

9U Boys Academy (7v7) - Green

10U Boys Academy (7v7)

11-12U Girls (9v9)

11-12U Boys (9v9) Blue

11-12U Boys (9v9) Green

14U-15U Girls (11v11)

14U-15U Boys (11v11)

DMPS - KIF (4 v4)

Team Registration

The Iowa Soccer USYS League America Festival offers recreational soccer players an opportunity to play in a high-quality tournament in a fun atmosphere, where the emphasis is placed on participation, fun and competition.

The tournament is for Iowa Soccer member and non-member teams and players classified as "recreational".  All teams must be registered with Iowa Soccer or another governing body during the season the tournament is being played (fall or spring). Player eligibility requires that each participant have a current seasonal-year Iowa Soccer-issued player pass, or a player pass from another governing body.

This annual event is the largest recreational youth soccer event in Iowa. Iowa Soccer has run a tournament for rec soccer players/teams every year since 1992.

  • Under 8 (4v4): $195.00 (3 Games / 1 Day) Boys - Saturday / Girls - Sunday
  • Under 9 (7v7):  $425.00 (4 Games / Festival Format)
  • Under 10 (7v7):  $425.00 (4 Games / Festival Format)
  • Under 9 - Academy (7v7):  $425.00 (4 Games / Festival Format)
  • Under 10 - Academy (7v7):  $425.00 (4 Games / Festival Format)
  • Under 11 (9v9): $475.00 (3 Game Guarantee / Advancement Final)
  • Under 12 (9v9): $475.00 (3 Game Guarantee / Advancement Final)
  • Under 13 (11v11): $550.00 (3 Game Guarantee / Advancement Final)
  • Under 14/15 (11v11): $550.00 (3 Game Guarantee / Advancement Final)
  • Small-Sided Under 13 (7v7): $475.00 (3 Game Guarantee / Advancement Final)
  • Small-Sided Under 14/15(7v7): $475.00 (3 Game Guarantee / Advancement Final)


LAF Spring Rules:

Event Format & Awards

Iowa Soccer Association member rules state for the 8U-10U divisions and feature a festival style wherein, scores and standings are not kept, there is no “advancement” to championship games, no awards are given based upon standings and participation awards are given to individual players.

11U-15U divisions will be guaranteed a minimum of the 3 games with an opportunity to advance to final game (format will vary based on number of entries). Awards will be provided to the championship team and finalist.

Age Divisions

Depending on the number of teams entered in an age group, some age groups may be combined so that teams can still participate, rather than turning entries away.

If combined, age group combinations would look only like:

7U-8U Girls or 7U-8U Co-ed;

9U-10U Girls or 9U-10U Co-ed;

11U-12U Girls or 11U-12U Co-ed;

13U-14U Girls or 13U-14U Co-ed,

14U-15U Girls or 14U-15U Co-ed .

A more detail document with tournament rules will be available soon.

Spring Creek Sports Complex
7600 NE 38th Ave
Altoona, IA 50009
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