On Thursday April 10th the girls track team traveled to MFL. Sadly, the weather wasn’t cooperating so their time there was cut short. However, they were able to make it through most races before leaving and ended with an overall 1st place, 99-point finish! 

Top finishes:

100m Dash: Lily Huber, 13.59, 1st, Camryn Paris, 13.64, 2nd

200m Dash: Taryn Burbridge, 28.25, 1st, Elizabeth Kraft, 31.34, 3rd

400m Dash: Burbridge, 1:06.62, 1st

800m Run: Isabel Imler, 3:15.35, 4th 

100m Hurdles, Natalie Ries, 18.62, 3rd

4x200m Relay: Huber, Izzy Heffernan, Lili Bauers, Camryn Paris, 1:58.20, 1st

4x800m Relay: Sadie Boeckenstedt, Jeanie Teymer, Ruby Recker, Breanna McShane, 14:21.75, 3rd

800 Sprint Medley: Huber, Bauers, Lanni Beaman, Burbridge, 2:00.36, 1st

Distance Medley: Bauers, Heffernan, Beaman, Imler, 5:09.93, 3rd

High Jump: Haydin Flannagan, 4-04.00, 2nd

Long Jump: Lilly Kraft, 13-11.00, 4th

Shot Put: Jade Hillers, 28-02.00, 7th

Discus: Macee Nolan, 71-05, 5th

Monday April 15, the girls got to stay home running, throwing, and jumping, on their own turf with some tough competition. This was the first home meet the seniors have had; in the past, weather forced cancellations. The girls ended the beautiful, sunny night with 4th place and 61 points.  

Top finishes included:

Long jump: Lilly Kraft, 13-9, 4th

Sprint medley: Huber, Bauers, Burbridge, Beaman; 1:52.12, 2nd

JV sprint med: Addie Bonert, Jeanie Teymer, Elizabeth Kraft, Heffernan; 2:08.19, 1st

4x800: Boeckenstedt, Breanna McShane, Timer, Imler; 12:54.04, 5th

100M Dash: Lilly Kraft, 13.41, 2nd

Distance Medley: Huber, Bauers, Beaman, Burbridge; 4:32.18, 1st

4x200 Relay: Bauers, Heffernan, Lilly Kraft, Paris; 1:51.70, 1st

JV 4x200: Elizabeth Kraft, Flannagan, Bonert, Emma Brockhohn; 2:03.56, 2nd

200M Dash: Burbridge, 28.81, 6th

4x100 Relay: Huber, Lilly Kraft, Beaman, Paris; 51.70, 1st

JV 4x100 Relay: Elizabeth Kraft, Brockhohn, Flannagan, Teymer; 58.03, 2nd

4x400 Relay: Huber, Paris, Burbridge, Beaman; 4:15.91, 2nd