As the 2023 high school baseball season comes to a thrilling close, it's time to honor the standout players who have demonstrated exceptional skills, sportsmanship, and dedication to the game. The Iowa Alliance All-Conference Baseball Team has been selected, recognizing the top players from schools across the state. Let's take a closer look at the selections and how these talented athletes contributed to their teams' successes.

1st Team Selections

1. Aidan Nigh (Catcher) - Ames (12th Grade)

Aidan Nigh has been a force behind the plate, consistently displaying remarkable catching abilities. His leadership and experience played a pivotal role in Ames' impressive 26-13 overall record and dominant 22-3 performance in the IAC North.

2. Nolan Stiles (First Base) - Mason City (12th Grade)

Nolan Stiles showed off his prowess at first base, making key defensive plays and being a reliable presence in Mason City's lineup. His contributions were integral to the team's 23-16 overall record and 14-10 record in the IAC North.

3. Austin Gabrielson (Infielder) - Ames (12th Grade)

An infield standout, Austin Gabrielson exhibited outstanding fielding skills and a consistent bat for Ames. His excellent performance played a vital role in Ames' strong showing this season.

4. Kaden Tyler (Infielder) - Mason City (12th Grade)

Kaden Tyler's defensive abilities and offensive contributions were crucial to Mason City's success throughout the season. His efforts helped the team secure a solid 23-16 overall record.

5. Dalton Rosalez (Infielder) - Fort Dodge (12th Grade)

Dalton Rosalez's impact on Fort Dodge's performance was undeniable, with his powerful hitting and reliable fielding making him a standout player in the conference.

6. Josh Motl (Out Field) - Ames (12th Grade)

Josh Motl's performance in the outfield was nothing short of exceptional. His ability to track down fly balls and contribute offensively made him a key player for Ames.

7. Alex Deets (Out Field) - Mason City (12th Grade)

Alex Deets' presence in the outfield provided a strong defensive foundation for Mason City. His contributions were a significant factor in the team's successful season.

8. Nick Rebik (Out Field) - Marshalltown (12th Grade)

Nick Rebik showcased his skills in the outfield, helping Marshalltown compete at a high level throughout the season.

9. Carter Geffre (Pitcher) - Ames (11th Grade)

Carter Geffre's impressive pitching performances earned him a spot on the first team. Despite being a junior, his talent on the mound was undeniable.

10. Ethen Roberts (Pitcher) - Mason City (12th Grade)

Ethen Roberts's outstanding pitching performances were key to Mason City's success. His dedication and skill earned him recognition on the first team.

11. Braydon Beelner (Utility) - Ames (12th Grade)

Braydon Beelner's versatility made him a valuable asset to the Ames team. Whether on the mound or in the batter's box, he delivered when it mattered most.

12. Jase Nekvinda (Utility) - Fort Dodge (10th Grade)

Jase Nekvinda, just a sophomore, demonstrated exceptional skills both on the mound and in the field. His inclusion on the first team speaks volumes about his potential for the future.

13. Justin Thomas (Utility) - Waterloo East (12th Grade)

Justin Thomas's abilities across various positions were essential for Waterloo East. His adaptability and leadership earned him recognition on the first team.

2nd Team Selections

The second team selections also boasted an impressive array of talent, highlighting the depth of skill in the Iowa Alliance All-Conference Baseball Team:

1. Grant Williams (Catcher) - Fort Dodge (11th Grade)

Grant Williams's performance behind the plate was noteworthy, earning him a spot on the second team. His defensive skills were vital for Fort Dodge's success.

2. Maddox Harn (First Base) - Waterloo East (10th Grade)

Maddox Harn, a sophomore, displayed great promise at first base, earning him recognition on the second team. His contributions were significant for Waterloo East.

3. Charles Tucker (Infielder) - Ames (10th Grade)

Charles Tucker's exceptional skills on the infield made him a standout player despite being a sophomore. His inclusion on the second team was well-deserved.

4. Jake Gold (Infielder) - Mason City (12th Grade)

Jake Gold's presence in the infield was a key factor in Mason City's success this season. His contributions earned him a place on the second team.

5. DeMaris Henderson (Infielder) - Waterloo East (11th Grade)

DeMaris Henderson's performance in the infield earned him a spot on the second team. His defensive abilities and offensive contributions were essential for Waterloo East.

6. Graff Linder (Out Field) - Ames (11th Grade)

Graff Linder showcased his skills in the outfield, contributing to Ames' overall success this season. His recognition on the second team highlighted his talent.

7. Logan Bjerke (Out Field) - Ames (10th Grade)

Despite being just a sophomore, Logan Bjerke's outfield skills earned him a place on the second team. His future looks bright as he continues to develop as a player.

8. Justyn Rivera (Out Field) - Mason City (11th Grade)

Justyn Rivera's contributions in the outfield were crucial for Mason City. His inclusion on the second team reflected his impact on the team.

9. Easton Mittelstaedt (Pitcher) - Ames (12th Grade)

Easton Mittelstaedt's solid pitching performances earned him a place on the second team. As a senior, he showcased his skills on the mound for Ames.

10. Royce Pederson (Pitcher) - Fort Dodge (10th Grade)

Royce Pederson, a sophomore pitcher, demonstrated great potential and earned recognition on the second team for his contributions to Fort Dodge.

11. Bobby Uthe (Utility) - Ames (12th Grade)

Bobby Uthe's versatility and ability to contribute in various roles earned him a spot on the second team. His dedication to the game was evident throughout the season.

12. Lincoln Berding (Utility) - Mason City (9th Grade)

Lincoln Berding, a freshman, displayed immense talent and versatility, earning him a place on the second team. His inclusion highlighted his promising future in the sport.

13. Jaxson Dencklau (Utility) - Fort Dodge (9th Grade)

As a freshman, Jaxson Dencklau's adaptability and skill in different roles were impressive. His recognition on the second team showed the potential he possesses.

Honorable Mention

The following players demonstrated exceptional talent and contributed significantly to their teams throughout the 2023 baseball season:

Name - Grade - School

Cadin Preston - 12 - Ames

Breydon Baker - 11 - Mason City

James Fingalsen - 12 - Mason City

Kale Hobart - 12 - Mason City

Jace Berding - 12 - Mason City

Rylan Kingrey - 10 - Fort Dodge

Karch Smith - 11 - Fort Dodge

Drew Moritz - 11 - Fort Dodge

Nathan Beekman - 12 - Fort Dodge

Tye Schellhorn - 10 - Waterloo East

Caleb Peters - 9 - Waterloo East

Jonah Helmrichs - 10 - Waterloo East

Gavin Peters - 12 - Waterloo East

Sam Greazel - 10 - Marshalltown

Caleb Kusserow - 11 - Marshalltown

Seth Smith - 12 - Marshalltown

Kelier Blue - 12 - Marshalltown

These players may not have made the first or second teams, but their performances and dedication were recognized and appreciated by coaches, teammates, and fans alike. Their efforts were vital in contributing to their respective teams' success and competitiveness throughout the season.

Congratulations to all the players who received Honorable Mention selections. Your hard work and passion for the game have not gone unnoticed, and we look forward to seeing your continued growth and success in the future.

IAC All Conference Standings

The standings as of July 6th display the competitive nature of the IAC North division:

Ames: 26-13 overall, 22-3 IAC North

Mason City: 23-16 overall, 14-10 IAC North

Fort Dodge: 19-18 overall, 15-13 IAC North

Waterloo East: 19-18 overall, 12-12 IAC North

Marshalltown: 6-28 overall, 2-18 IAC North

Congratulations once again to all the players selected for the Iowa Alliance All-Conference Baseball Team and those who received Honorable Mention recognition. Your achievements have made the 2023 baseball season an unforgettable one, and we can't wait to see what the future holds for these talented athletes.